Driftwood Consort

Directed by Lars Johannesson and Alissa Roedig, Driftwood Consort focuses on renaissance through romantic music on period instruments. Regular fellow musicians include Amy Brodo on cello or viola da gamba, Jonathan Rhodes Lee on keyboards, and Sheila Willey, voice. We have a website at driftwoodconsort.org.

Lux Musica

Created in 1995, we've been the house band of the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, and been involved in a number of CD productions, such as turkish, romantic, gypsy, cats, Indian, etc. Original members were Rob Diggins (violin), Lars Johannesson (flute), Amy Brodo (cello and viola da gamba) and Linda Burman-Hall (harpsichord and fortepiano).


  • Phone: 831-706-8408
  • Email: lars@gruk.net
  • Address: P.O. Box 935,
  • Santa Cruz, CA 95061, USA